How to become a Judge

Can you Master all Levels?

To become a WSFed licensed contest judge the applicant needs to pass an examination. Only persons aged 18 or above are allowed to take part in the judging license test. (The WSFed has the right to upgrade the best participants of each judging exam to the next higher level.)

After the successful examination the judges will receive the judging license certificate as well as the activity confirmation booklet. Each time a judge acts in his function, his/her activity will be registered in an activity confirmation booklet. The booklet has to be presented without request to the WSFed for the activity confirmation to maintain the license every year.

Once a judge has completed successfully a certain license grad, he needs to judge at least one contest within the following calendar year to maintain the license. If not, he will be downgraded by one license level. In exceptional duly justified cases, an extension of the period of time is imaginable, on request.

After consulting the WSFed a sitting in on contests, which are judged by higher graduated judges might be possible and might be accepted as a activity confirmation (as the circumstances require).

All licensed judges will not be recorded in the WSFed world ranking list any more. The rider will be deleted from the world ranking list at the same time he/she has the first assignment as a judge. This is to prevent judges to influence the ranking to their own benefit.