Development and future prospects

Basically it is planned, that the tests for achieving the C- and B-License and the administration of the licenses will be organized by responsible persons in the individual countries, as soon as they will have the ability (national federation).

The prior condition for that is the existence of a national federation, within at least one person, that is in possession of an A-License and of the additional license for apprenticeship training. The person needs to handle this important position responsible. Initially, the person will be nominated temporarily from its national federation and the WSFed.

Duties of the Judging responsible / the national federation:

  • decide disputes in the countries
  • assume the applications from the candidates and coordinate the appointments
  • implement the practical and theoretical test (C- and B-License), they organize the encashment and issue the license
  • administrate the data of the judges and pass them to the WSFed
  • place the judges of request to the organizers of contests
  • are the connecters between the judges in their own country and the people responsible concerning C license judging. They give feedback, are significant involved in the further development and are participated by the responsible of WSFed in all important decisions
  • communicate important news with all the judges in the country


The administration, the organisation and the examination of the A-License stays in the competence of the WSFed as the most important organ.