TECHNIQUE (up to -10 points)

The technique is the second-most important criterion with a point award from -0 to -10. Here the points are drawn off and not added. Everything what contributes to the fact that the tricks look not clean is punished in this category with a deduction of points. This applies for example to Dabs*, unclean landing**, bad posture, sluggishness etc. An active balance support is not wanted. Every trick/every combo should be initiated, executed and be finished according to this. So not only the trick/the combo is valued for itself, but also all phases in the realisation: Initiation, execution, position, duration of the trick/of the combo, as well as the landing or the end of the trick/of the combo. Thus the "differences in quality" can be illustrated in points. The aim is to make all tricks clean. Clean tricks have to be awarded, not clean ones have to be punished with point deduction, so that the qualitative difference of the tricks is reflected in the point and an incentive originates to execute the tricks cleanly. The judges should use one way of counting/noting down the point deduction in this category. There are light and hard misdoings. Every light misdoing should be noted down with a dot, a hard misdoing with a minus. Three light misdoings are equal one hard misdoing. So, three dots are one minus, one minus means -1 point.


Means, touching the ground with feet or hands during the execution of tricks and combos. The more the support or area of contact on the ground/on the Line, the higher is the deduction of points in this category.
A, Light dabs = the rider just touches the ground softly or by accident = “dot”
B, Hard dabs = the rider uses the ground or the line for keeping the balance = “minus”

** Unclean landing, falls and dismounts (No point deduction)
- Landing on the line à save landing

Light misdoing = “dot”
- Landing on the line à shaky landing
- Unplanned dismount or fall off the line (please Remember: no points in difficulty)

Misdoing = “minus”
- Landing on the line à hard struggeling, but sticking it (getting stable on the line)
- Landing on the line à safety buttbounce (or the like)

Doing tricks/combos “clean”
The tricks should be showen precisely and without shaking. Furthermore, we are interested in the combos composed of the high level. Tricks should be done fluently one after the other, without getting the energy from doing easier tricks (like sticky buttbounce) and without getting the balance by doing short breaks between the tricks.