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For the WSFED World Ranking Lists

Application for listing in the world ranking system of the WSFed
In order to collect points for the WSFed world ranking list as a slackliner, and in order to be listed, it is required to be registered with the WSFed. The registration is accredited by submitting this application. After successful registration the athlete will receive a registration number, which has to be presented at competitions in conjunction with a valid picture ID.

Declaration Of Consent:
I hereby confirm that all information given is true and valid; and that I want to be registered for and listed in the World Ranking system of the WSFed. I hereby confirm my consent for the use of my personal information for internal use only. Furthermore I confirm to abide by the rules and regulations set out by the WSFed and respect and accept decisions made by accredited WSFed Judges and judicators.

Applicants under the age of 18, a signature from a legal guardian is required for accreditation. (Applications received on site at competitions are subject to review - the WSFed reserves the right to revoke this membership and any World Ranking points acquired should the parental guardian not give his written consent.)

I would like to receive information from the WSFed in the future.