Team and structure

Hello, we are the WSFed


Andreas Frank - Founding member & president

During his studies (sports & economics) Andi started slacklining due to a little sequence in a climbing video. Spurred by the challenge of taking the first steps on the shacking webbing, slacklining took a place in his live. After finishing his diploma with a master thesis about the physiological effects of slacklining he joined a six week GIBBON promotion tour through the south west of the USA, which leaded to a full time working contract with the ID Sports GmbH. After 5 years of work and experience in different fields of the company he quit the job for personal reasons and the urge for new challenges. The WSFed will remain one of those.

"In 2015 I want to focus on some major partnerships with well-known institutions to increase the popularity and sovereignty of slacklining. Step by step we will get a little closer to the Olympics!"



Nadja Kowalow
- Founding member of the WSFed & deputy president

Since 2007 Nadja is one of the leading persons when it comes up to trickline competitions. With her profession as the marketing leader of Gibbon Slacklines, she was involved in the development of the sport and the community from the beginning of slacklining as a competitive sport. She is part and parcel of the trickline scene and well known by partners and hosts of competitions. Based on this properties she also contribures her knowledge and passion to the competition and education part of the work of the WSFed. Since spring 2015 she is not working for Gibbon Slacklines anymore to focus on further business challenges and the development of the WSFed.

“My goal for the WSFed for 2015 is to become even more an international acting federation that works on a partnership base with national slackline groups, partners and hosts to support the sport and all involved athletes.”