Slackline WorldCup in Brazil

During the 2. Slackline Forum Brazil the 1st SLACKLINE WORLDCUP of BRAZIL will take place!

We are very proud to announce the first ITAIPUSlackline WorldCup of Brazil for the 10.&11. October 2015.

Brazil with all its talented and motivated slackliners, with its big community and with its active supporters already had a great event last year with the "1st Forum Lation Americano de Slackline". The organizsers, the "Associacao de Desenvolvimento Esportes Radicais e Ecologia" now mad it possilbe to host a Slackline WorldCup within the forum. Furthermore the forum will last for 4 days and will give the chance to talk about important topics, take part in workshops, meet other slackliners and much more.

We are looking forwad to this event and will keep you updated with furhter information soon!