Judging examination on 2nd of April 2015



2nd of April 2015

worldwide (internet connection and “Skype” account required)

C-license: 50,00 EUR
B-license: 100,00 EUR

On the 2nd of April 2015 a WSFed judging C- & a B-license exam will be held. The license allows the owner to act as a judge for WSFed licensed competitions in various categories (www.wsfed.com).
Both exams include a theoretical part (written) and a practical part and will take about 2 hours.

Theoretical part:
The knowledge in the section of slackline competitions will be requested. This includes the knowledge about tricks, combos, dabbing, rotation, …, the content of the WSFed judging criteria, the awarding of points, as well as all judging relevant topics of the WSFed rule book.

Practical part:
All participants have to judge 4 battles (videos) of one of the WSFed licensed contests. The best 3 judging results will count for the exam.

The evaluation of the examination will take some time. For that reason the results will be sent by mail within 4 weeks after the examination. All participants, who will pass the exam, will receive a certificate for the WSFed judging license as well as an official form for the proof of performance.

The participants need to be 18 years old minimum.
Please note that licensed Judges will not be listed in the WSFed world ranking list anymore.

You need to register for the examination until the 31st of March 2015 latest. Please fill out the online form here…

Provisional regulation
All provisional B-license judges who pass this examination will receive the regular license.

Special regulation for this examination
More and more contests are licensed by the WSFed, so that also more and more licensed judges are needed. That is why the WSFed reserves the right to upgrade the license of the participants with outstanding results to the next higher level (provisional* B-license or A-license).

[* “provisional” means, that the B-license / A-license exam has to be passed (without additional payment), once it is finalized and provided by the WSFed.]