Aims of the WSFed


The WSFed was created unanimously by its members on 20th of May 2011 for the reason of supporting and strengthening the interests of a steadily growing international community of slackliners.

Our main goal is to provide common rules, standards and regulations for all regional, national and international contests, licensed by WSFed for safe and fair contests and to create and maintain an international ranking list! Based on this licensing system it shall be made possible to compare achievements and results within the world of a professionalizing sport of slacklining. This includes the development of a education and certification system for contest judges and slackline instructors to guarantee high quality contests, events and workshops worldwide.

The WSFed is aiming towards the goal of being a coalition of national slackline federations worldwide. Despite the unusual top-down approach of establishing a head organization first and including national federations after, this is the core intention of the new WSFed. With this approach the WSFed is intending to have representations in all slackline-active countries, be it through including existing national federations or empowering the formation of new national federations. The benefits of such globalization is a strong, unified and independent stand for the sport of slacklining and all members of the WSFed. Federations worldwide shall be able to generate synergies through mutual work and sharing of knowledge and competences.

The WSFed will provide a platform for sharing information, setting standards and developing key issues in the sport of slacklining. Therefore it will widen its focus on all aspects and disiplines of slacklining. The integration of the community and key persons through the formation of different topic-related committees will lead the development of the WSFed into the direction the sport of slackline needs it to.