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Judging examination on 2nd of April 2015



2nd of April 2015

worldwide (internet connection and “Skype” account required)

C-license: 50,00 EUR
B-license: 100,00 EUR

On the 2nd of April 2015 a WSFed judging C- & a B-license exam will be held. The license allows the owner to act as a judge for WSFed licensed competitions in various categories (
Both exams include a theoretical part (written) and a practical part and will take about 2 hours.

Theoretical part:
The knowledge in the section of slackline competitions will be requested. This includes the knowledge about tricks, combos, dabbing, rotation, …, the content of the WSFed judging criteria, the awarding of points, as well as all judging relevant topics of the WSFed rule book.

Practical part:
All participants have to judge 4 battles (videos) of one of the WSFed licensed contests. The best 3 judging results will count for the exam.

The evaluation of the examination will take some time. For that reason the results will be sent by mail within 4 weeks after the examination. All participants, who will pass the exam, will receive a certificate for the WSFed judging license as well as an official form for the proof of performance.

The participants need to be 18 years old minimum.
Please note that licensed Judges will not be listed in the WSFed world ranking list anymore.

You need to register for the examination until the 31st of March 2015 latest. Please fill out the online form here…

Provisional regulation
All provisional B-license judges who pass this examination will receive the regular license.

Special regulation for this examination
More and more contests are licensed by the WSFed, so that also more and more licensed judges are needed. That is why the WSFed reserves the right to upgrade the license of the participants with outstanding results to the next higher level (provisional* B-license or A-license).

[* “provisional” means, that the B-license / A-license exam has to be passed (without additional payment), once it is finalized and provided by the WSFed.]

Slackline meeting @ Turkish Highline Carnival 2015

Last week, the third edition of the Turkish Highline Carnival took place in the magnificent climbing area of Geyikbayiri, just outside of Antalya.

Ever since its beginning, the festival could record increasing numbers of slackliners gathering for some days of great fun in the sun of Turkey.This year, over 260 slackliners from around 25 countries came to enjoy the 21 highlines that got rigged in six sectors with lengths between 19 and 106 meters.


Besides the active program, talks were held regarding the founding of the International Slackline Association (ISA). One year ago in 2014, the initial idea for the ISA grew at the Highline Carnival in Turkey. Following long pre-talks during the week, in which a representative of the WSFed was invited to take part, a meeting with around 60 active slackliners was held, showing the process of the project, discussing the proposed mission statement and prioritizing the proposed projects of the ISA.

Both, the WSFed and the ISA agreed to combine forces in the best way possible in order to provide a strong base for the future development of slacklining in all its various aspects and disciplines.

Slackline WorldCup in Brazil

During the 2. Slackline Forum Brazil the 1st SLACKLINE WORLDCUP of BRAZIL will take place!

We are very proud to announce the first ITAIPUSlackline WorldCup of Brazil for the 10.&11. October 2015.

Brazil with all its talented and motivated slackliners, with its big community and with its active supporters already had a great event last year with the "1st Forum Lation Americano de Slackline". The organizsers, the "Associacao de Desenvolvimento Esportes Radicais e Ecologia" now mad it possilbe to host a Slackline WorldCup within the forum. Furthermore the forum will last for 4 days and will give the chance to talk about important topics, take part in workshops, meet other slackliners and much more.

We are looking forwad to this event and will keep you updated with furhter information soon!

End of the partnership with GIBBON Slacklines

After years of good cooperation the ID Sports GmbH (GIBBON Slacklines) and the World Slackline Federation e.V. terminate the partnership by the date of 31st December 2014.

From the beginning until now, the encouragement of the sport was in the focus of the cooperation, which was proceeded with success. The constant growth of the sport brought along that the partnership between a slackline manufacturer as the main partner was not beneficial for the position of the WSFed as a neutral federation.

Robert Käding, CEO ID Sports GmbH:
“In the first years of tricklining we have seen the need in an international association to give the sport an independent base. During the last years, fortunately a lot of things happened and now we can see, that the communities worldwide are getting organized better and better by themselves. Nowadays slacklining is an autonomous sport as well as a leisure-time activity with varied facets. To our opinion the future of slacklining will be carried on several shoulders, hence we came to the result to retract from the role of the main partner of the association to enable the cooperation with different partners.”

That for we came to the result that it is indispensable for the further development of the sport, to focus on the cooperation with all manufactures, national federations and communities worldwide. To enhance this step and to showcase the opening to all who are interested, GIBBON Slacklines will no longer be the exclusive outfitter of the WSFed WorldCups and World Championship from 2015 on. Furthermore all partnership based connections will be terminated.
The promotion of the partnership in speech and writing will be deleted from all communication material in an appropriate period of time.

We would like to thank GIBBON Slacklines for the long lasting support and successful partnership!

Open letter to Cliff Bar

It has been all over the climbing media that Clif Bar has fired their extreme sports athletes.
We do not feel in the position to criticize Clif Bar´s strategy on that, but we strongly agree with this open letter from the climbing community.
Please support this initiative!

To see the open letter, click here...

New Website online

Your are visiting the new face of the WSFed!
With this new website we want to show more about our work and keep all slackline ethusiasts up to date.

The new design and the easy to handle menue navigation stands for the future of the WSFed with more published information, further development of the sport and the transparancy of upcoming projects.
We are looking forward to an exciting time with the sport of slacklining!

Aims of the WSFed

The WSFed was created unanimously by its members on 20th of May 2011 for the reason of supporting and strengthening the interests of a steadily growing international community of slackliners.

Our main goal is to provide common rules, standards and regulations for all regional, national and international contests, licensed by WSFed for safe and fair contests and to create and maintain an international ranking list! Based on this licensing system it shall be made possible to compare achievements and results within the world of a professionalizing sport of slacklining. This includes the development of a education and certification system for contest judges and slackline instructors to guarantee high quality contests, events and workshops worldwide.

The WSFed is aiming towards the goal of being a coalition of national slackline federations worldwide. Despite the unusual top-down approach of establishing a head organization first and including national federations after, this is the core intention of the new WSFed. With this approach the WSFed is intending to have representations in all slackline-active countries, be it through including existing national federations or empowering the formation of new national federations. The benefits of such globalization is a strong, unified and independent stand for the sport of slacklining and all members of the WSFed. Federations worldwide shall be able to generate synergies through mutual work and sharing of knowledge and competences.

The WSFed will provide a platform for sharing information, setting standards and developing key issues in the sport of slacklining. Therefore it will widen its focus on all aspects and disiplines of slacklining. The integration of the community and key persons through the formation of different topic-related committees will lead the development of the WSFed into the direction the sport of slackline needs it to.

Latest World Ranking List

Check the latest World Ranking List - click here

World Champion 2014

After a exciting contest in New Yorks Central Park (USA), we know who is the best of the best 2014:

WSFed World Champion 2014: FELIX CARREIRA, US
Congratulations to this young and talented athlete!

2nd place // Jaan Roose, EE
3rd place //  Alex Mason, US

New board of the WSFed

At the members meeting in the beginning of 2014 the new board of the WSFed was elected.

We congrautlate the new board members:
Andreas Frank - chair of the board
Nadja Kowalow - deputy chair of the board

Review of 2013

11 Jams
8 Opens
4 World Cups
3 National Championships
1 World Championship

27 in total

8 hosting nations (Spain, USA, Japan, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Portugal)

35 new registered slackliners
122 registered slackliners in total

4 C-License-Examinations
2 B-License Examinations

18 licensed Judges
30 licensed Judges in total

12 nations (Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, USA)