the past is the base of the future

2011   //   FOUNDING OF THE WSFed

A group of slackline enthusiasts - all from within the close circle of the slackline company GIBBON Slacklines - founded the World Slackline Federation (WSFed) in 2011. With the intention to provide an official platform for slacklining, provide information about the (at this time) pretty unknown sport and to help the sport to spread over the globe.


Founding members: Stephanie Seidel, Nadja Kowalow, Martin Klug, Philipp Freudigmann, Robert Käding, Sascha Engler, Andreas Frank.

The Federation was founded under German law and registered with the registration court in Stuttgart in June 2011 with Andreas Frank as chair of the board and Sascha Engler as deputy chair of the board.

A declaration of intent was drafted by the board members and can be reviewed here... It contains broader goals for the development of the sport of slacklining, the main focus of the WSFed however remained on the competitive aspects of professional tricklining and the development of such. In detail this meant the development of common rules, standards and regulations for all regional, national and international trickline competitions in order to ensure safe and fair contests and to create and maintain an international ranking list.

2012 & 2013   //   FIRST YEARS OF THE WSFed

  • The standards and rules for trickline contests were developed and established.
  • The licensing system for contest judges was implemented and several exam were held, resulting in 30 WSFed-licensed judges worldwide.

From 2012 on, GIBBON Slacklines became the official partner of the WSFed WorldCups and World Championship. GIBBON Slacklines also hosted several other competitions (Jams and Opens) under the license of the WSFed.
Several Jams, Opens and National Championships were held by external hosts worldwide under the license of the WSFed and with sponsors other than GIBBON Slacklines. With this support, competitive tricklining could be pushed to a whole new level of medial appearance and public interest.

More and more athletes understood the implication of the world ranking list, got registered and started competing with like-minded people all over the globe.

2 World Championships (2012/2013)
4 National Championships
6 WorldCups
16 Open
15 Jams

Registered Slackliners:

122 registered slackliners (active trickliners, listed in the world ranking list)


30 licensed judges



During the WSFed members meeting in early 2014, a new executive board was elected.
Board members: Andreas Frank as chair of the board and Nadja Kowalow as deputy chair of the board.

The year of 2014 also brought some major changes in the development and structure of the WSFed:
In the beginning of the year, talks were held discussing the need of the indispensability for manufacturers neutrality in the future work of the WSFed in order to enable the federation to focus on the broader cooperation with all manufactures, national federations and communities worldwide. To enhance this step and to showcase the opening of the WSFed to all who are interested, all GIBBON decision makers and employees, except the two members of the executive board, terminated their membership in the WSFed during the general meeting in the beginning of 2014 by mutual agreement. The resignation came into force as of 31st of December 2014, but the people concerned decided to lay down their responsibilities with immediate effect. Furthermore, the WSFed and GIBBON Slacklines terminated their cooperation through mutual agreement towards the end of 2014.

Frederik Zimmermann, a long-standing member of the slackline community, WSFed licensed trickline judge and professional sports manager, started to take over several tasks in the work of the WSFed. Through his many years of slackline experience as well as a very active traveling habit, he used his personal contacts to discuss the future of the WSFed with international stakeholders and, based on these discussions, was a major driving force for the fundamental change of the WSFed.



With effect of end February 2015, both executive members of the board have terminated their working contracts with GIBBON Slacklines to focus on other professional careers. Frederik Zimmermann will be assigned honorary member of the board.

The main goal of the WSFed for 2015 is to open up to further potential member (national federation), start working interconnected throughout the globe and enforce the ability to care about the needs of the sport and the slackliners.