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Does the WSFed organize trickline contests?

No, the WSFed does not organize the contest. The WSFed issues licenses for contests.
With these licenses the host is authorized to hold a contest, where WSFed world ranking list points can be earned.
He also gets the permission to use the WSFed logo and the official name of the contest for his marketing activities.
With the receipt of the license, the host is obligated to holt the contest according to the guidelines of the WSFed.
In certain cases, the WSFed can be hired as a organizer for slackline contests by an event host.

How do I get a license for my contest?

Just fill out the application form and we will get back to you!

Which contest category is right for me?

There are different contest categories. You can see an overview here.
If this is your first WSFed licensed contest, we recommend that you apply for an Open or Jam, depending on your budget!

What does it cost to get a WSFed license for my contest?

Prices and benefits can be found here!

I want to have a trickline competition at my event but don´t have any slackline experience. Can I still apply?

The WSFed can, in certain cases, organize a trickline competition for your event.
In that case, you have to hire the WSFed as professional event service provider. Please contact us to ge a quote!

How do I become a WSFed judge?

You have to be familiar with tricklining and the WSFed rules for trickline contests in our Rule Book.
And you have to take a certification test. Find more informations here!

How much does a WSFed judge earn?

There are three different levels of trickline judges. A, B and C with A being the highes level.
The normal payment is 150 € for A judges, 100 € for B judges and 50 € for C judges, but can be in some cases a bit lower.
Travel, food and accomodation for judges need to be paid by the host of the event.

Will I always be paid according to my license level?

Not necessarily. It depends on the requirements for the according contest.
If, for example, you are an A judge but the contest only requires B or C judges, you can earn only the amount for the highes license required.

With regard to the payment, the judge with the most experience earns the higher money.
If, for example there are two A judges at a contest that only requires one B judge and two C judges, the A judge with the most experience gets the B judge salary, the other A judge only the C salary.

I´m a WSFed judge. How can I find judging jobs?

Here you can find the contest schedule as well as the hired judges.
If you see the status - not filled - please contact us with your application!

Now I´m a WSFed judge. Will this be forever?

It can. You need to bring your annual performance report through sending us a scan of your judge booklet.
If you have met the requirements for the renewal of your license it will automatically be issued.
If you have not judged enough contests to automatically renew your license, you need to take part in another examination. (Free of charge)

Who can become a member of the WSFed?

Local, regional, national and international slackline organizations that are legally formed in their countries can become member of the WSFed.

Can I become a member of the WSFed as an individual person?

No, this is not possible. However, you can become involved in one of the WSFed committees.
You can also become indiractly a member of the WSFed through becoming a member in one of our membering slackline organizations.

Is the WSFed Gibbon?

No! The WSFed was founded by people from within the close circle of Gibbon Slacklines.
In early 2014, however, the decision makers of Gibbon lay down their offices in the WSFed and with effect of Dec. 31 2014 the partnership with Gibbon ended.
The two board members of the WSFed are not working for Gibbon anymore since the end of February 2015. Read the full story here.

Does the WSFed get money from slackline retailers?

No, the WSFed has no partnerships with slackline companies for its federations work.
Slackline companies can obtain a WSFed license as contests host through paying the regular license fee or become a partner of the WSFed as any other company as well.

Do the people working in the WSFed get money for it?

No! At the moment all the work that is put into the WSFed is voluntary.
They could temporarily be hired by the WSFed for external services like judging, events management, online marketing etc.

Is the WSFed competing with other slackline associations?

No! We are aiming at closely working with other slackline npo´s.
At the moment we are negotiating an agreement with the development board of the International Slackline Association (ISA) for a collaboration.

I´ve heard that there is another international slackline association. What´s the deal there?

We are in close contact with the ISA. In fact, one of the WSFed honorary members is also member in the ISA develpment board. We are currently working on an agreement between WSFed and ISA.

How can I get involved in the WSFed?

You can found your own slackline association or apply for being an active member in one of our committees.

Where do I find the rules for the WSFed trickline contests?

All the rules and regulations can be found in the WSFed Rule Book.