Compete with the rest of the world

Each year WSFed allocates up to 5 licenses for WorldCup contests. They provide the most world ranking points. The rules for producing a suitable event of the highest standard are correspondingly strict. The limitation of five per year also indicates that only the best applications from organizers can be granted. The potential host has to send the application to the WSFed with at least 4 month lead time. That is necessary to guarantee, that there is enough time to organize an outstanding event, and make a proper announcement.

To ensure that these contests include the world elite of the sport, and that the performances are at top level, the best eight of the current world ranking are invited and seeded, and their travel, accommodation, food and drink are reimbursed. If an invited athlete cannot take part, the next in the rankings takes his place. They must prove themselves in competition with the ambitious slackliners and newcomers who complete a minimum 16 and a maximum 64 bracket.

If there are more starters as the bracket allows, the organizer may choose to accept the first inscriptions (to fill the bracket) or to organize a qualification tournament. They get random positions in the start list (not seeded).

The Contest mode is 1 against 1 K.O. system.

The organizer must ensure that, as well as the athletes, a DJ, a moderator, and three judges (minimum one WSFed A-licensed and two WSFed B-licensed judges) attend the contest. The organizer must pay their fees, costs for travel, accommodation and food, and must supply the equipment that they need.

Due to the considerable media interest in the WorldCup a press-area must be equipped near the contest arena. TV and press must be able to work, without disturbing the contest procedure. Before and after the contest, enough time must be planned for interviews with the contestants. These must be agreed in advance, between the press, the organizer and the athletes. A special area, with a sponsor display as background should be made available.

The athletes must have the chance to warm up and get ready for at least an hour before the contest starts. For warming up, they should have access to the contest slackline or to an identical slackline nearby. There must be a screened-off region for the athletes, with seats, drinks and snacks, where they can put spare clothing, etc.

The judges must be situated so that they have a perfect view of the contest.

Each athlete has a fixed time per battle, to convince judges and public of his skills. His remaining time should be visible to him and spectators during the battle, e.g. on a monitor.

The DJ must react to the contestants and the public, so the DJ console must be sited to give a good view of the spectators and the contest arena. The moderator(s) must be equipped with microphone or headset.

A prominent raised site is needed for the prize giving. Cups should be presented for the first three places, together with the prize money, in the form of fancy checks.

WorldCup: Seeding

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