We´re Jamming - I Wanna jamming with you

The WSFed Jams are the starting class of WSFed licensed contests. They give slackliners good chances to get their first experiences in contest situations and to test their abilities. They can also collect their first world ranking points and so get into the world rankings.

For the organizers too, the WSFed Jams are the best way to get initial experience in organizing slackline contests. The financial demands are limited, and the federation rules are less strict. But of course WSFed standards must still be maintained.

There are two options concerning the contest mode for Jams. The organizer has to choose between “KO” and “double elimination” mode at the moment he is applying for the license:

KO mode
“The winner goes on to the next round, while the loser drops out of the contest.”
If there are more starters as the bracket allows, the organizer may choose to accept the first inscriptions (to fill the bracket) or to organize a qualification tournament. They get random positions in the start list (not seeded).

Double elimination mode
“The winner goes on to the next round. The loser gets another chance to show his skills in the loser bracket. If he loses a second time, he is out of the contest”. At least 8, up to 12 athletes can compete in a double elimination contest. If there are more athletes applying to join the contest, a qualification need to take place in advance.

The battles last only 90 seconds per rider, less than in other categories. This makes lower demands on the fitness and versatility of the athletes. Only the best four riders in the world ranking are seeded if they take part.

In this category too, the organizer must ensure payment for three judges. One judge must have at least a WSFed C-license. The other two can judge without having licenses, but of course should know enough about the sport, and the difficulty of various tricks. Moderation and sound are also desirable.

The athletes must have the chance to warm up and get ready for at least an hour before the contest starts. For warming up, they should have access to the contest slackline or to an identical slackline nearby. There must be a screened-off region for the athletes, with seats, drinks and snacks, where they can put spare clothing, etc.

The judges must be situated so that they have a perfect view of the contest.

Each athlete has 90 seconds per battle, to convince judges and public of his skills. His remaining time should be visible to him and spectators during the battle, e.g. on a monitor, If this is not possible, the moderator must constantly announce the remaining time.

A prominent raised site is needed for the prize giving.

Jam: Seeding KO mode
Jam: Seeding Double elimination mode
Costs and facts to compare the contest categories