Contest Procedure

Usually (Exception: World Championship) a contest is organized as a series of 1 against 1 K.O. "battles". Two slackliners compete for a given time. One starts his (or her) performance. If he falls off the line or jumps down from it, the opponent takes over. When the second one leaves the line, the first takes over again. This "battle-mode" is stimulating for the athletes and for spectators, as the slackliners inspire each other to show better and more spectacular tricks. After each round, the jury decides which of the two has won the "battle". He goes on to the next round, while the loser drops out. But the losers of the two semi-finals should compete against each other for third place, before the contest final.

Such a contest should involve 8 to 64 athletes. To avoid early elimination of strong contenders, the best slackliners (according to ranking) are seeded. The remaining competitors are deployed randomly. If too many athletes register for the competition, some should be eliminated in preliminary qualifications.


The Battle (1 vs. 1):

Before the battle begins the participants have to decide who goes first on the line (“stone paper scissors”). Each competitor has a certain time allowance, to show the judges his prowess and so to win against his rival. His time runs whenever he is on the line. When he falls off or steps down, his rival should be ready to start. When his time runs out, the athlete can complete his last trick or combo. But he must avoid exceeding his allowance by more than 15 seconds